HousersNetwork provides homeowners, homebuyers & Agents the opportunity to buy, sell or rent properties without special access to the MLS.

This new Database is granting control back to the people, where it should be. Buyers & sellers will be able to conduct their own transactions by utilizing the necessary documents provided within the App. No more wasted time communicating when Buying, Selling or Renting a Property. HousersNetwork has its own messaging component within the App so homeowners, homebuyers, Agents or Renters can communicate with each other without the need of 3rd party software.

HousersNetwork also grants homeowners control over the ability to show or hide their property in the Database even when it is “off the market”. When you add your property to your profile you will be given the option to show or hide it. When Shown, your property will be displayed on your profile allowing others to view its information/value. When Hidden your property will only be viewable by you, the property owner.

The biggest attribute to HousersNetwork is the ability to share updates & connect with others. This new component allows users to display their remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, landscaping, and their own personal property design with friends, family and other property owners in addition to viewing each other's property value.

The new component also provides a way for Real Estate Agents to market themselves and get their services in front of potential clients.
In addition, HousersNetwork provides other types of Real Estate services the opportunity to connect with homeowners to fulfill their wants & needs.

HousersNetwork is completely free to download for iPhone & Android users on the App/Google Play stores.

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